4 models of IT outsourcing you should know

1. Project-based outsourcing

Pros of project-based outsourcing:

  • You don’t have to dedicate any time or energy to manage your project.
  • You spend no time on recruitment.
  • No worries about salaries, perks and benefits, workspace, or administrative costs.
  • You get a project manager assigned to your project.
  • Teams offer detailed project reports and include you in project demos.
  • Sometimes you can even manage a team directly.

When to choose project-based outsourcing?

2. IT staff augmentation / team extension

Pros of IT staff augmentation / team extension:

  • You get talented and skilled experts on a short and long-term basis.
  • Full flexibility — you can scale your team up or down within days or weeks.
  • You can easily replace developers from your project without spending any extra resources.
  • No administrative costs — developers are still employed directly by your vendor.
  • You get developers dedicated exclusively to your project.
  • Your internal team can become far more productive.

When to choose IT staff augmentation / team extension?

3. Dedicated team

Pros of a dedicated team

  • You get access to top talent from around the world.
  • You team up with experts with established work processes who have previously developed projects together.
  • Since team members are used to working together, everyone will be working at 100% efficiency from day one, without wasting any time on the onboarding process.
  • No need to invest time and money in sourcing, attracting, recruiting, and onboarding new team members.
  • No need to cover costs such as private healthcare paid leave, hardware, software, and benefits.
  • Full scalability and flexibility — you can quickly scale your team up or down to address changes in your project’s requirements.
  • Transparent management of resources — dedicated teams usually use tools for remote task management and time tracking, so you can manage your team efficiently and evaluate the project’s progress on your own.

When to choose a dedicated team?

4. IT body leasing

Pros of IT body leasing:

  • You can focus on mission-critical tasks instead of recruitment.
  • It’s a cost-effective and flexible model of hiring new resources.
  • There’s no need to involve your staff or internal HR team in the recruitment process.
  • All the administrative hassle of hiring people is off the table.
  • The only thing you need to do is verify and accept the reported number of hours.

When to choose IT body leasing?



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