As more and more companies launch digital transformation programs and build custom software, the demand for skilled developers is higher than ever. But in many regions of the world, building an in-house development team is expensive and time-consuming. That’s why so many businesses are turning to outsourcing opportunities.

Thanks to our outsourced teams, they get to benefit from top talent acquired and managed by providers that specialize in outsourcing IT services.

If you’re wondering whether outsourcing is a good match for your needs, take a look at these 4 outsourcing models and learn more about the benefits they offer.

1. Project-based outsourcing


JavaScript is a key programming language in today’s technology landscape. It’s surrounded by a profusion of different frameworks and libraries that make web development faster and easier. Just a few years ago, developers were debating whether React was better than Angular. Today, the growth of Vue makes this discussion a little more complicated.

In this article, we take a close look at React, Angular, and Vue to help you understand what they are, what their pros and cons are, and when they may match the needs of your project best. …

Website development is at its peak; there are many web development tools available that are extremely useful. React.js is very popular amongst all these. Despite not being a full-fledged framework, major web development companies have been using React.js and suggest their silent the same.

So, what has led to the sudden popularity of and success of React.js? Here we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should also give React.js a try.

1. Easy to learn

When working with React.js, you only need to work with the frontend part, and it’s not that complex as long as you know JavaScript and if…

If you’d like to build a web application, you definitely need to deliver a brief to the team responsible for bringing your idea to life. A brief is a guiding document that makes or breaks the project. Moreover, it also helps to get a more accurate estimation from a software development agency and serves as an excellent point of the discovery phase. By developing a well-designed brief, the company you hire to build your application can ask informed questions and be more during successful project discovery.

Here are 7 steps to help you write an excellent brief.

1. Add a company overview

In this section…

Are you building a web application? The right choice of the frontend and backend technologies can make or break your software development project. Pick your technologies with care, and you can be sure that your team delivers high-quality software fast to support your business objectives.

In this article, we zoom in on a technology called Microsoft .NET to show you why it’s so popular and which projects can benefit most from it.

What is .NET?

.NET is a cross-platform, open-source developer framework for building many different kinds of applications. Naturally, its open-source nature means that it’s free of charge. Developers can use various…

So, you have an idea for a mobile app and are now looking for the right technology? We’ve got you covered. Read this guide to the most important mobile development technologies to explore your options and choose the technology that will make your app successful.

Native apps

Native apps are built for specific mobile operating systems using their designated technologies. This is why they’re called native — they’re native to an operating system or device. Most native apps are built for the two most popular operating systems — Android and iOS.

Benefits of native apps:

  • The main advantage is the high performance…

Mobile commerce is currently disrupting one industry after another. The travel and hospitality sector is no exception to this trend. The cost of developing mobile apps has dropped down, and businesses across many different industries are now investing in digital products like retail apps, business apps, and e-commerce apps.

Shopping with a smartphone has become a strong consumer trend that presents users with a new level of convenience. Many people believe that mobile commerce is the next generation of e-commerce.

As hospitality and travel businesses have embraced e-commerce, many of them are now investing in mobile apps. Read this article…

Digital transformation is a buzzword among all kinds of companies, both large and small. Enterprises that have complex processes embedded in legacy systems are in a particularly strong position to benefit from digital transformation programs. By investing in a custom software solution, they can automate manual processes, speed up delivery time, improve the employee experience, and deliver business value faster.

Moreover, as enterprises begin to hire a younger workforce, it’s only natural that these employees come with specific expectations. These are the people who grew up with digital tools and expect the same efficiencies at their workplace. To remain attractive…

Experts predict that by 2021, mobile commerce sales will make up for 54% of total e-commerce sales. In the second quarter of 2019, mobile e-commerce spending in the US reached $41.2 bn, and the total number of shoppers who make mobile purchases is expected to reach a smashing 168.7 mln.

No wonder that an increasing number of companies are investing in m-commerce applications. Read this article to find out what mobile commerce is all about and what benefits it brings to businesses today.

What is m-commerce?

Mobile commerce (or m-commerce) is any transaction that is completed on a mobile device…

Our mobile devices are becoming more advanced and wireless data connections faster; software developers are on their way to introducing new ways for mobile applications to work. One of such novelties is Android Instant Apps released last year.

Read this article to find out what Android Instant Apps are, how they work, and how businesses can use them to gain a new competitive advantage.

What are Android Instant Apps?

This type of applications allows running software instantly without installation. Users can take advantage of such applications on the fly, without having to download and install them. Instant Apps are considered as the next step in…


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