How to write an excellent brief for a mobile app development project?

So, you’ve come up with a fantastic idea for a mobile application and are now wondering what’s next? At this stage, you need to create a comprehensive and logical product brief for your mobile app. You’ll need this document to start negotiating with the software development company that will realize your project.

Why is the brief important?

A brief will help your tech partner learn what type of mobile application you’re planning to build and how you’ll be using it in the future, enabling the company to choose the right technologies, methods, and tools. By providing a brief, you’ll also ensure that the final product matches your expectations.

Here are 8 things that should be part of your product brief.

1. Describe your idea

Pro tip: Use this model for describing the purpose of your application in one sentence: This application helps to [core feature] for [target audience] to [the key problem or goal of your target audience].

2. Consider the navigation sequence

3. Share information about your target

4. Choose the platform

For example:
If you want your app to have high performance, native mobile development is a better choice. However, if you’re building an MVP and want to launch your basic product quickly, cross-platform development is a better choice.

When we’re approached by clients who aren’t sure about this point, we always review their brief and help them choose the right platform.

5. Check what’s in stores

6. Prioritize features

7. Define technical requirements

Consider this:
If you’re developing an app for a geographical region with limited WiFi connectivity, you’ll need technologies that will ensure the app’s continuous operation. The same is true for other technologies such as location-based services or geofencing.

8. Indicate your budget and timeframe

Note that the budget for a mobile app will be affected by the overall scope of the work, your desired timeframe, the price charged by a development team, and other factors.

Pro tip: Developing an advanced mobile app without being sure of the product-market fit is quite risky. That’s why smart founders start small and develop a simple MVP.

Key takeaway

Are you looking for an experienced software development company to help you realize your vision?

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